Killer Of The Storm
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 A research team of two professors and four graduate students from OU are chasing storms.  From the side a road they observe as a tornado forms and moves into a town.  They take data and film the storm.  The town is heavily damaged.  Cars, parts of buildings, light poles and other debris fly through the air.  The team rushes into town to help with the rescue efforts and take data on the damage.  A woman is found buried in the rubble.  She is taken to the team’s triage center and is pronounced dead.  It is determined that she has been murdered.  The team is shocked.

As the team follows different storms in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas, a serial killer is following them murdering women trapped in the debris.  The team is worried and upset.   

A federal task force is set up to track the killer who has murdered women in
three states.
  Local police and federal crime scene investigators join forces
to stop the killer.    

The sciences of storm chasing and crime scene investigation join
forces in this murder mystery.


Story and Screenplay by Juanita Stone
© Copyright 2008 Juanita Stone

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password to download the file. 
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